Holiday notice

Pikas d.o.o. will be closed from 5th until 16th of August 2019 for the Summer holidays.


Notice to business partners

We are informing all our business partners that we have moved to a new location and changed our address. Our new address is Poljubinj 112, SI-5220 Tolmin.





   PIKAS d.o.o.
   Poljubinj 112
   SI-5220 Tolmin

   Tel.: +386 (0)5 381 03 84
   Fax: +386 (0)5 381 03 87
   E-mail: pikas(at)

Universal silver alloys

Universal cadmium free alloys

These alloys combine the lowest brazing temperatures with short melting ranges. They are very free flowing and produce neat joints with small fillets. They have excellent mechanical properties and are suitable for sea water applications being resistant to dezincification.
Cadmium free alloys are often used as substitutes for cadmium containing alloys. Their narrow melting ranges make them ideal for applications where liquation may be a problem. These alloys may still contain cadmium as an impurity, but at a very low controlled limit of 0,025 % maximum.


Joining copper and copper alloys

These alloys are recommended when joining copper to copper without flux. They can be used to join brass and bronze too. They are not suitable for joining materials containing nickel or iron. The alloys are widely used in plumbing applications and since they do not contain zinc, they cannot suffer from dezincification.


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